HughesNet Authorized Retailer

The Team

Alberto Berrio, Owner

Alberto enjoys leading our company to new heights, encouraging our staff to continue to learn and grow. He gives us the tools we need to be successful each day in our company, and in life. He started AS Technologies as a small company, in the small town of Hendersonville, NC, 15 years ago. Since then,…

Melissa Henderson, Operations Manager

Melissa has a fun and friendly personality that allows her to connect with our customers and provide them with a great customer service experience. Having come from a background with management experience, Melissa brought those skills with her to AS Technologies, using them to exceptionally manage our installations department and running our daily operations. She…

Benessa Gant, General Manager

Benessa enjoys working with people and helping them to reach their full potential. She puts these skills to use connecting with staff and managing the daily operations of the office to make sure things run smoothly. She enjoys providing our customers with high- speed satellite Internet from HughesNet and giving them the customer service experience…